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Friday, August 16, 2013

Published This Week

Herbert J. Hovenkamp, Anticompetitive Patent Settlements and the Supreme Court's Actavis Decision, 15 Minn. J. of Law, Sci. & Tech. (forthcoming).

Dayna Bowen Matthew, Reining in the Rogue Squadron: Making Sense of the 'Original Source' Exception for Qui Tam Relators, 69 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 409 (2012).

Marc A. Rodwin, Institutional Corruption & Pharmaceutical Policy, 41 J. of Law, Med. & Ethics __ (2013).

Genevieve Grant, David M. Studdert, The Injury Brokers: An Empirical Profile of Medical Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury Litigation, 36 U. of Melbourne L. Rev. __ (2013).

Graeme Laurie, Shawn H. E. Harmon, Through the Thicket and Across the Divide: Successfully Navigating the Regulatory Landscape in Life Sciences Research, SSRN.

Lisa Cosgrove, Emily Wheeler, Drug Firms, the Codification of Diagnostic Categories, and Bias in Clinical Guidelines, 41 J. of Law, Med. & Ethics __ (2013).

Judit Marcella Sandor, Eniko Demeny, Petra Bard, The Legal Regulation of Biobanks - National Report: Lithuania, SSRN.

Jacob S. SherkowFederal Trade Commission v. Actavis, Inc. and Reverse-Payment or Pay-for-Delay Settlements, 31 Nature Biotechnology 316 (2013).

David OrentlicherThe FDA's Graphic Tobacco Warnings and the First Amendment, 369 New Eng. J. of Med. 204 (2013).

Kate Greenwood, 'Litigant Regulation' of Physician Conflicts of Interest, 29 Geor. St. U. L. Rev. __ (2013).


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