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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Published This Week

Barry R. Furrow, Cost Control and the Affordable Care Act: Cramping Our Health Care Appetite, 13 Nev. L.J. 822 (2013).

Nathan Cortez, The Mobile Health Revolution?, SSRN.

Thaddeus Mason Pope, Legal Briefing: The New Patient Self-Determination Act, 24 J. Clinical. Ethics __ (2013). 

Sean T. Murphy, Redefining the Practice of Medicine – Winks and Nods and Euthanasia in Quebec: Part 2, SSRN.

Allison L. Cross, Chapter 261: Prohibiting Discrimination Based on Genetic Information, 43 McGeorge L. Rev. 700 (2012).

Krista A. Dolan, Creating the Best Practices in DNA Preservation: Recommended Practices and Procedures, 49 Crim. L. Bull. ___  (2013).

Jonathan Kimmelman, Trudo Lemmens, Scott Y. Kim, Analysis of Consent Validity for Invasive, Nondiagnostic Research Procedures, 34 IRB: Ethics & Hum. Res. 1 (2012).

Sreya B., Consumer Rights and Medical Negligence, SSRN.


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