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Monday, June 13, 2011

Guest Blogger Lindsay F. Wiley: Douglas v. Independent Living Center

Wiley My colleague, Steve Vladeck, has an interesting post up on PrawfsBlawg about the Obama administration's brief in Douglas v. Independent Living Center, in which the Supreme Court will determine whether the Supremacy Clause provides sufficient basis for a private cause of action to enforce the equal access provision of the Medicaid Act:

I've been so fortunate to have Steve as a colleague this past year.  He was my go-to federal courts expert as I was teaching Medicaid litigation and we had a wonderful time co-teaching a class session on the ACA litigation.  

I wonder how much time, if any, others have chosen to devote to Medicaid litigation in the health law survey course.  The students definitely found it challenging, but overall they seemed to appreciate the cross-over with constitutional law and federal courts. 

- Lindsay F. Wiley

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I spend about a week on Medicaid litigation in a health care financing course. I agree that the students find it challenging, but interesting. Sometimes it helps to spend a 1/2 hour reviewing some of the constitutional concepts involved prior to plunging into things like the Boren Amendment and Gonzaga v. Doe and its effect on this litigation.

Posted by: Vickie Williams | Jun 13, 2011 11:22:42 AM

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