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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Number of Uninsured Rising By 14,000 per day . . .

Thinkprogress reports on the increasing number of uninsured as more and more people lose their jobs - in fact, 14,000 each day.  The story states,

Since spring 2007, 3.5 million Americans have lost their health benefits and are now uninsured. And while the stimulus begins to address the skyrocketing health costs and lack of access to coverage, the ranks of the uninsured will only grow as the recession persists. In fact, according to a forthcoming analysis by The Wonk Room’s James Kvaal and Ben Furnas, approximately 14,000 people a day are losing their health coverage . .

The Wall Street Journal's Health Blog reports on the Stimulus Bill and notes that it contains some wins and some losses for those interested in health reform. 

The version of the economic stimulus bill that’s come out of the congressional conference committee has wins and losses for advocates of universal health care.  House Democrats in particular had tried to use the stimulus bill as a step toward universal coverage, pushing for expansions of laid-off workers’ access to Cobra coverage and Medicaid. Republicans had complained about some proposals, saying the Dems were using the stimulus bill to jump the gun with costly health-reform proposals that didn’t belong there. . . .   For gobs of detail on how the Senate and House proposals melded into the compromise version, click here. Health care is toward the end of the document. A much briefer summary of the bill is here. The Kaiser Family Foundation also offers a summary of health provisions.

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