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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Blue Cross of California Meet Consumers

Blue Cross of California has decided to spend millions on dollars to lobby against health reform in California.  In response, a group called "It's OUR Healthcare" has set up a website, which contains personal stories, a blog and some utube videos.  The group states,

The state legislature is down to its final days of the session and Blue Cross alerted their list of insurance agent supporters that current reforms on the table are "unhealthy." (And the status quo isn't?)

If you're sick of groups like Blue Cross standing in the way of healthcare reform, then you'll love our new animated video released today at We're asking Californians to watch the video and sign our petition and tell Blue Cross: "Don't stand in the way of reform!"

Very creative!  In care you were not aware of what types of health care reform that are under consideration in California, if you visit the It's OUR Healthcare website, the right side of the page has a listing of recent articles detailing the California legislature's attempt at health care reform.

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