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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pediatric Ethics

High praise from the AJOB blog for a recent publication:

I'm forever finding jewels that Rosamond Rhodes strings together in her various projects, from the APA philosophy of medicine newsletter to more complex collections like this special issue of the Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine on ethics in pediatrics, which contains at least four (that's as far as I've gotten) of the best articles on ethical issues in pediatrics I've read in years.
Here is the TOC for the special section:
  • Introduction
    Kurt Hirschhorn, Ian R. Holzman, Daniel A. Moros, and Rosamond Rhodes
  • Understanding, Avoiding, and Resolving End-of-Life Conflicts in the NICU
    Arthur E. Kopelman
  • When Parents Request Seemingly Futile Treatment for Their Children
    John Lantos
  • When Staff and Parents Disagree: Decision Making for a Baby with Trisomy 13
    Linda B. Siegel
  • An Exploration of the Ethical, Legal and Developmental Issues in the Care of an Adolescent Patient
    Daniel Summers, Ivanya Alpert, Thaina Rousseau-Pierre, Mara Minguez, Simone Manigault, Sharon Edwards, Anne Nucci, and Angela Diaz
  • Children as Research Subjects: Moral Disputes, Regulatory Guidance, and Recent Court Decisions
    Loretta M. Kopelman
  • Genetic Testing of Children for Adult-Onset Diseases: Is Testing in the Child’s Best Interests?
    Mary Kay Pelias
  • Why Test Children for Adult-Onset Genetic Diseases?
    Rosamond Rhodes


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