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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Frontline AIDS Program

PBS's Frontline had a great episode last night that addressed the AIDS epidemic.  The program is entitled, "The Age of AIDS," and will continue tonight.  It provides a detailed overview of the AIDS virus and the manner in which physicians and others have responded to it.  The introduction states,

On the 25th anniversary of the first diagnosed cases of AIDS, FRONTLINE examines one of the worst pandemics the world has ever known in "The Age of AIDS." After a quarter century of political denial and social stigma, of stunning scientific breakthroughs, bitter policy battles and inadequate prevention campaigns, HIV/AIDS continues to spread rapidly throughout much of the world, particularly in developing nations. To date, some 30 million people worldwide have already died of AIDS.

"It's a very human virus, a very human epidemic. It touches right to the heart of our existence," says Dr. Peter Piot, executive director of UNAIDS. "When you think of it, that in let's say 25 years, about 70 million people have become infected with this virus, probably coming from one [transmission] ... it's mind blowing."

The Frontline website provides additional materials and information.  I have ordered Frontline tapes to use in my class and have found them to be extremely informative.  The additional materials that can be found on the website add to the class and help provoke wonderful class discussions.  [bm]

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