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Monday, May 1, 2006

AHA Issues Plan for Greater Pricing Transparency

Presumably in response to hearings in the House and the Senate, not to mention the class action suits filed all around the country over the last two years, the American Hospital Association has announced a plan to move the industry toward greater transparency in its pricing practices.  Here's the blurb from this morning's Modern Healthcare Alert:

The American Hospital Association proposed a series of steps to make hospital prices more transparent. The plan includes federal requirements that states work with hospital associations to expand current efforts to publish hospital charges and that states work with insurers to make information on enrollees' out-of-pocket costs available to consumers before medical visits. In addition, the AHA proposed that the federal government lead a research effort to understand what pricing information consumers want and that the hospital industry work to create consumer-friendly language for the terms, definitions and explanations that are common on hospital bills. The AHA released the proposal at its annual membership meeting in Washington, saying it was ready to work with legislators to foster more "knowledgeable and empowered consumers."

Presumably something on this will appear soon in the AHA's Press Room[tm]

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