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Thursday, December 29, 2005

States' Tips Against Avian Flu

This morning's Bangor Daily News has a "Viewpoints" piece on various states' (e.g., Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Montana) recommendations for protection against the avian flu.  Summaries:

  • Have an emergency supply on hand of food, water, batteries and other necessities for your family to live in isolation for three to five days. Maine calls this an all-hazards kit, and it may be useful in the event of a pandemic.
  • Families also should develop a plan for who would be contacted through what telephone numbers or e-mail if an outbreak did occur and where the family would seek treatment.
  • Hand-washing is big in all states, also staying out of the line of sneezes and covering your mouth if you do sneeze.
  • Some limits on travel to Asian countries that have more serious outbreaks of bird flu is [sic] recommended - for instance, visits to poultry farms there are discouraged.


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