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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bird Flu Resources

There's a pretty good government website that collects a lot of data and links on this subject:  It appears to be a joint effort by HHS, CDC, and the Department of Agriculture.  There are good links on these topics:

  • Monitoring outbreaks (U.S. and international): WHO and European Commission
  • Planning and response activities (White House's National Strategy, HHS activities, other federal activities (Departments of State, Agriculture, and Homeland Secutirty; USAID, USGS National Wildlife Health Center); state, local, and globale activities
  • Planning checklists (state and local government & businesses)
  • Public health tools
  • Risk communication resources

Many of the goverment resources are a week or more out of date.  If you're a subscriber, though, the Wall Street Journal  is really on top of this story (see Avian Flu News Tracker).  For example, every official web site says there have been two confirmed human deaths in China.  This morning, however, Chinese officials reported a third case.  The WSJ interactive world map has already been updated to reflect the new number. [tm]

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