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Friday, July 29, 2005

Plan B and Mitt Romney

Massachuetts Governor Mitt Romney vetoed legislation to expand access to Plan B, the so-called morning after" pill.   According to the Boston Globe,

The bill that Romney vetoed would allow trained pharmacists to dispense the morning-after pill without a prescription and would require hospitals to offer it to rape victims. It almost certainly will become law despite Romney's rejection; both the House and Senate approved it by veto-proof margins, and legislative leaders said they plan to override his veto.

Seems like a purely political move on Governor Romney's part.  Here is the New York Times piece from earlier this week about his reasoning. 

On Monday, Mr. Romney said that his veto of the bill - which would allow some pharmacists to dispense the pill without a prescription and require hospitals to offer it to rape victims - was consistent with his past statements and that he continued to support contraception.

But, he said, in consulting with several doctors about the morning-after pill, he learned that it could not only prevent the formation of an embryo, as birth control pills do, but also prevent an embryo already formed from being implanted in the womb.

Mr. Romney said he believed that life began at conception.

"If it only dealt with contraception, I wouldn't have a problem with it," he said of the morning-after pill. "But it also in some cases terminates life after conception, and therefore it ceases to be a contraceptive pill. It becomes an abortion pill."


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