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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Electronic Medical Records

Dr. Edgar Allen weighs in  electronic medical records at the Heath Care Renewal blog.  He has some concerns about the push toward electronic medical records.  He states,

I implore physicians and other providers to educate themselves about health information technologies. We all must ensure that we have first access to the data we collect; that we retain a high degree of control over these data. The risk is that we become glorified data entry personnel for third parties (to a greater extent than we already are) and hence, actually diminish our already slipping grip on practicing medicine. I am a big advocate of information technology. However, if physicians approach EMR adoption passively (or passively aggressively) they risk getting run over by this horse that is clearly out of the barn.

The blog posts some further data on some efficiency (or lack thereof) aspects of electronic medical records here.  [bm]

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