Friday, May 17, 2024

Judicial Biography of Esther Morris, First Justice of the Peace

I came across this article in my research. It is not new, but is illuminating and is careful, impeccable research on the first woman to sit in a judicial capacity.

Marcy Karin, Esther Morris and Her Equality State: From Council Bill 70 to Life on the Bench, 46 J. Amer. L. History 300 (2004)

This article focuses on the life of Esther Hobart Morris – the first female judge in the United States and a key figure in Wyoming’s pioneer women’s suffrage legislation. It attempts to sift through the myth, clarify her achievements as a judge, advocate, and family woman, and provide a picture into the life of the “Mother of Woman Suffrage.” Morris’ life and story as Justice of the Peace is necessarily told side-by-side with the realization of woman’s enfranchisement in the Equality State.

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