Friday, April 12, 2024

Book Feminized Justice: The Story of the Toronto Women's Courts 1913-1934

I came across this book as part of my research on the history of Women's Courts, and thought it was worth a share. 

Amanda Glasbeek, Feminized Justice: The Toronto Women's Court, 1913-1914 

In 1913, Toronto launched Canada’s first woman’s police court. The court was run by and for women, but was it a great achievement? This multifaceted portrait of the cases, defendants, and officials that graced its halls reveals a fundamental contradiction at the experiment’s core: the Toronto Women’s Police Court was both a site for feminist adaptations of justice and a court empowered to punish women. Reconstructed from case files and newspaper accounts, this engrossing portrait of the trials and tribulations that accompanied an early experiment in feminized justice sheds new light on maternal feminist politics, women and crime, and the role of resistance, agency, and experience in the criminal justice system.

Feminized Justice: The Toronto Women's Court, 1913-34 (Law and Society)

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