Friday, November 11, 2022

Gender and the Law Blog: Abortion News Round Up This Week

Pro Choice Abortion Initiatives Win in all 5 States It was on the Ballot

Self-Managed Abortions Soar Post-Dobbs

Reported abortion in states with restricted access dropped 32 percent between April and August 2022, according to recent study from the Society of Family Planning—while reported abortion in states with protected access increased by 11 percent.

Reported abortions dropped 6 percent overall, with over 10,000 fewer reported abortions reported in July and August.

However, another recent study shows requests for self-managed abortion through Austria-based telemedicine abortion provider Aid Access increased 33 percent in the 30 most restrictive states from before the leaked Supreme Court opinion on May 2 and after the decision came down on June 24.

Feminist Cyberlaw Perspectives Offer a Clear View of the Nature of Digital Privacy Threats from Abortion

Conference, Seeking Reproductive Justice in the Next 50 Years, Boston U School of Law, Jan. 26, 2023

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