Monday, March 28, 2022

National Birth Equity Collaborative Launches "Respectful Maternity Care Initiative"

The National Birth Equity Collaborative has launched its "Respectful Maternity Care Initiative." It describes the work as follows:  

The maternal health crisis in the U.S. is worsening, and we need a culture of Respectful Maternity Care to change it. Maternal health inequities weigh on Black and Indigenous communities, and data shows that it is due to structural and interpersonal racism. We need to be honest about how Black women are treated during maternity care.  

Systems acknowledging the ways racism affects birth outcomes requires exploring innovative anti-racist models and tools for quality improvement. Despite the prevalence of racist microaggressions and bias fueling disrespect in labor and delivery care in the U.S., there are limited tools that can measure disrespect or that support provider behavior change. Health systems are ready for accountability and quality improvement measures for racism, starting with obstetric racism.

Read its report titled The Cycle to Respectful Care: A Qualitative Approach to the Creation of an Actionable Framework to Address Maternal Outcome Disparities to learn more about this issue. The abstract is excerpted here: 

Despite persistent disparities in maternity care outcomes, there are limited resources to guide clinical practice and clinician behavior to dismantle biased practices and beliefs, structural and institutional racism, and the policies that perpetuate racism. Focus groups and interviews were held in communities in the United States identified as having higher density of Black births. Focus group and interview themes and codes illuminated Black birthing individual’s experience with labor and delivery in the hospital setting. Using an iterative process to refine and incorporate qualitative themes, we created a framework in close collaboration with birth equity stakeholders. This is an actionable, cyclical framework for training on anti-racist maternity care. The Cycle to Respectful Care acknowledges the development and perpetuation of biased healthcare delivery, while providing a solution for dismantling healthcare providers’ socialization that results in biased and discriminatory care. The Cycle to Respectful Care is an actionable tool to liberate patients, by way of their healthcare providers, from biased practices and beliefs, structural and institutional racism, and the policies that perpetuate racism.

The National Birth Equity Collaborative is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, March 29th at 9:30 a.m. to launch the initiative. Register here

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