Monday, January 24, 2022

Indigenous Feminist Legal Pedagogies

Emily Snyder has published Indigenous Feminist Legal Pedagogies in volume 58 of the Osgoode Hall L. J. 369 (2021).  The abstract explains: 

What does “Indigenous feminist legal pedagogy” mean? This article takes up this inquiry through an analysis of interviews that were done with twenty-three professors who teach in the area of Indigenous law (Indigenous peoples’ own laws) in Canada. Overwhelmingly, the professors were on board with the idea that gender matters and that it needs to be included in education about Indigenous laws, but how people were taking up gender, and the responses as they relate to Indigenous feminisms, varied. The interviews signal that there is a need for ongoing work in the area of gender and feminisms in the field of Indigenous law. This article illustrates why gendering Indigenous legal education is vital and argues for increased engagement with the idea and practice of Indigenous feminist legal pedagogies.

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