Monday, October 25, 2021

Black Women in American Politics in 2021

The 19th's article, A Record Number of Black Women are Expected to Run for Office in 2022, highlights the current data and trends of Black women seeking elected office. It features a new report Reach Higher:  Black Women in American Politics in 2021

The article highlights some important statistics in the report. 

A Black woman has still never been elected governor. No Black women won statewide elected office in 2020. And although there are a record number of Black women state legislators at 354, only 12 hold leadership posts nationwide.

There have been only two Black women to serve in the Senate — Harris and Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois — but there are currently no Black women senators, despite a record 13 Black women running for Senate in 2020.

The article also highlights some of the barriers identified in the report facing Black women seeking public office. 

A June Open Secrets report analyzing the role of gender and race in competitive primaries in 2020 found that Black women Democratic candidates received less money from individual donors than any other group of candidates. Large donors on average raised a third as much for Black women as they did for White women.

Additionally, the report showed that Black women receive less money from early donors, as well as educators and retirees, who tend to fund Democratic campaigns. And while women candidates rely more heavily on women donors, those donors gave half as much to Black women and other women of color candidates as they did to White women.

More Black women have run for office as they have been frustrated by the status quo or have risen through the political pipeline, Greer said. And Black women have had growing success building diverse coalitions of voters.

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