Monday, March 28, 2016

Bibliography of Legal Commentary on Zubik Contraceptive Mandate Arguments

Zubik  v. Burwell, Transcript of Oral Argument

Zubik v. Burwell, Audio of Oral Argument (Oyez)


NYT, Justices Seem Split in Case on Birth Control Mandate

Wash Post, Prof. Michael McConnell on Zubik RFRA Oral Argument

Wash Post, Court Appears Divided on Contraception Coverage Case, with Kennedy Raising Concern

Con Law Blog, Not Much New in Oral Arguments in Contraceptive Requirement Accommodation Case

SCOTUS Blog, On New Health Care Case, a Single Word May Tell it All

WSJ, Supreme Court Signals Possible Tie Vote in Obamacare Contraception Case

NPR, Divided Court Seems to Hint at 4-4 Decision in Obamacare Case

Fox News, Supreme Court Divided on ObamaCare Contraceptive Mandate

NWLC, Birth Control and Women--That's What Zubik is Really About

Balkinization, The Zubik Oral Argument Pt 1: Of Substantial Burdens and "Hijacking"

Balkinization, The Zubik Oral Argument Pt. 2

Rewire, Justices Against "Hijacking" and Other Unsettling Details from Zubik v. Burwell Oral Arguments

Dorf on Law, Executive Discretion and RFRA Harmonization in the Zubik Oral Argument


Only one of these headlines mentions women.

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