Sunday, June 29, 2014

What It Takes for Violence Against Women To Become An News Story

From the HuffPost

International studies tell us that more than one out of every three women worldwide (35 per cent) has experienced sexual violence at some point in their lives. That's more than one billion people. When it comes to children, up to 1.5 billion annually experience some sort of sexual, physical or psychological violence because they are girls.

Rosemary Carney, the HuffPost blogger, writes: 

I often wonder why the media pays attention, and the public takes note, only when the atrocity level crosses a certain tolerance line? Why is it that there is no universal outrage when we report that one-third of girls worldwide are sexually assaulted before they turn 16?


Violence against women is so systemic and pervasive, that being on guard against it has become part of the female DNA. Instinctively, they check out sidewalks and look over their shoulders, even for such routine activities as walking to their car in the office parking lot after a day's work.

What can be done?

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