Thursday, June 26, 2014

Reforming Gendered Langauge

From the Guardian

The vice-president of Facebook in Europe – one of the online industry's most powerful executives – has revealed her frustration at being portrayed in the media as a mother-of-four who "wanted it all".

Nicola Mendelsohn, speaking at a conference in London, said there needed to be an overhaul of the language used to talk about women and girls.

"When I got my post at Facebook it was all about how I was a mother-of-four who had 'won' the position, alongside pictures of my wedding," she said, noting that the male executive hired at the same time came under no such scrutiny. Reports also said she insisted on working part-time, when in fact she was working a typical five-day week.


"I was never defined by my working hours, I was defined by what I produced. That is what we need and we need to be respectful of the best way people work. I think businesses have to think about the best way to retain talent."

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