Friday, January 24, 2014

"wives (voluntarily) submit to your husbands"....

Or, something like that, according to Rep. Steve Pearce (R--N.M.).  Rep. Pearce appears to be a fringe member of the GOP and I have little interest in his views.  But rummaging about the archives of the Times, I did find this 1998 statement of beliefs by the Southern Baptist Convention--an organization had almost 16 million members then and counted Bill Clinton and Al Gore among them.  

1998.  That wasn't too long ago.  The statement, paraphrased by the Times, says that the wife ''submit herself graciously'' to her husband's leadership and that a husband should ''provide for, protect and lead his family.''

By contrast: 

Roman Catholic bishops in the United States, in a pastoral message on family life four years ago, said marital roles, although different, should be characterized by ''mutual submission'' of a husband and wife to each other.

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See Sue Monk Kidd's book the Dance of the Dissident Daughter for a feminist exploration and rejection of the Baptist dogma of wifely subjection. And see Elizabeth Cady Stanton's The Woman's Bible (1895) for comments on misinterpreting the idea of Christ-like submission. The short answer: Patriarchy is not divinely ordained.

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