Thursday, January 23, 2014

Teen Takes Stand Against Sexist Dress Code

high school junior gets the sexist implications of her school's dress code, even if the principal doesn't.  She writes:


The new principal at my school used two phrases while addressing new dress code rules to a class: "Modest is hottest" and "boys will be boys."....


 My body is not a sinful temptation that needs to be hidden. 
My body is not your personal, sexual object. 
My body does not overshadow my character. 
My body is not any more sexual than a man's body. 
My body is not here to look "hot" for you....


Being a boy refers to your gender. That's all. It does not make you constantly sexually aroused, animalistic or sexually uncontrollable, but for some reason society has come to the conclusion that you are this stereotype. This is extremely sad. This gender stereotype is unfair to all men. By telling them who they are as a man you are absolutely taking away their moral agency

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