Friday, January 24, 2014

Prostitution as violation of human rights.....

The European Parliament, one of the legislative bodies of the European Union, will decide soon whether prostitution is a violation of a women's human rights.  

From the Telegraph (UK): 

A ground-breaking report has today been accepted by one of the Parliament’s more influential bodies. Just a few hours ago, the committee on women’s rights and gender equality voted through a report arguing that prostitution is a fundamental violation of women’s rights. This means it will go to a full Parliament vote in Feburary.


The report is couched in the formal language used by legislators, but what it is proposing is a massive cultural change.  For centuries, supporters of prostitution have argued that it’s the oldest profession and has to be tolerated, if not legalised. 

Still more: 

Verbal and physical abuse isn’t confined to street prostitution, with one academic study concluding that women who work indoors still face ‘physical, economic and sexual violence from their clients, including serious assaults’. That’s not surprising, given that research on men who pay for sex show that they tend to have a ‘degrading image’ of women.

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