Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Opting Back In

From Bernie Jones (Suffolk), The-Opt Out Revolution, Ten Years Later.

Ten years ago, the New York Times Magazinepublished Lisa Belkin’s controversial (and now infamous) article, “The Opt-Out Revolution.” In it, Belkin argued that young women were increasingly disinterested in feminist gains in the workplace. These women were interested instead in being married and becoming stay-at-home mothers, taking care of the house and children while their husbands worked. Much hand wringing followed, as it seemed the women’s movement had been stalled in the wake of Generation X’s rejection of their Baby Boomer mothers’ efforts.


Ten years later, the opt-out generation wants back in, as their realities have changed since they left the workforce.

Jones' book is  Women Who Opt Out: The Debate over Working Mothers and Work-Family Balance (NYU Press, 2012).


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