Monday, January 20, 2014

Inmate's right to transgender surgery....

The story from Jan. 17 begins:  

A federal appeals court in Boston today upheld a judge’s ruling that a transsexual inmate convicted of murder is entitled to a taxpayer-funded sex change operation as treatment for her severe gender identity disorder.

I am otherwise quite supportive of a person's right to gender self-definition, but the backstory in this instance is grim and cuts against my sympathy:  

The ruling came in the case of convicted wife killer Michelle L. Kosilek. Formerly named Robert Kosilek, she struggled for years with feelings that she was a woman inside a man’s body. Kosilek’s wife, Cheryl, thought she could cure Kosilek, the court said. But Kosilek strangled her in Mansfield in 1990 and dumped her body in a car at a mall in North Attleborough.

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