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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


So, one time, another blogger used my article as a platform to talk about the evils of misandry, the gendered hatred of men.  Since, like most professors, I hardly enjoy the rapture of anyone reading my stuff, I was flattered.  So, too, the blogger kindled my curiosity:  How prevalent was this worldview that men were unjust victims simply because of their gender?  

Apparently, quite a bit, at least as suggested by blogs manned ("manned"--sorry, no pun intended) by conservative and libertarian types.  (And a handful of male law professors also admitted to me privately that they felt like victims of misandry in the academy; oh, the things that men confide in each other after a few brews at the pub....) 

Here are two rival positions regarding misandry:  One asserts misandry's undeserved prevalence, the other refutes such prevalence.

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