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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gender, Law and Books

What I'm reading now is The Trials of Laura Fair by Carole Haber.  I stumbled onto the book researching Fair's connection with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Stanton's very public defense of Fair and the gendered public outcry of her crime. The book chronicles Fair's trials in late 19th century San Francisco for shooting her lover.  Her defense played on the sex stereotypes of the time, claiming that the shooting was a result of her temporary insanity caused by a severely painful menstrual cycle.  "In this rousing history, Carole Haber probes changing ideas about morality and immorality, masculinity and feminitity, love and marraige, health and disease, and mental illness." "Haber's book examines the era's most controversial issues, including suffrage, the gendered courts, women's physiology, and free love."  I'm just at the beginning, but already intrigued.

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