Wednesday, May 29, 2024

NY Times: Responses to "To Protect Kids, We Need More Foster Care, Not Less"

From the New York Times:

Letters to the Editor re: "To Protect Kids, We Need More Foster Care, Not Less" by Naomi Schaefer Riley:

Pieces like this express concern about the well-being of children while ignoring the daily harms caused by family separation. The trauma of being ripped away from their parents and placed in the foster system with strangers often results in children developing a host of challenges, including poor mental and physical health, low educational achievement, high rates of homelessness and early pregnancy, and involvement in criminal activities.

The overreliance on family separation for children who aren't in any immediate danger destroys families who could have remained together with the right support. The parents we work with every day love their children, but they often lack access to vital resources like secure housing, child care, nutritious food, mental health care and transportation.

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