Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Healthier Eating in New Orleans for Kids

From PBS News Hour:

Known for its decadent menus, New Orleans has become the first city in the South to ban soda and other sugary drinks from kids meals.

The Healthy Kids’ Meal Beverage law went into effect in January and affects the city’s 1,200 restaurants. The default beverage options with kids meals are now limited to water, milk or 100% fruit juice. The new law is part of an effort to give children more healthful food and beverage options, as well as reduce the rate of childhood obesity in the city.

Paulette Briggs Vallery, whose family has a history of diabetes, is grateful for the new law. Drink selections are a struggle each time her family walks into a restaurant. Her 11-year-old son is considered pre-diabetic, and her husband is already living with diabetes.

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