Sunday, November 27, 2022

Mindfulness Books for Kids Increasing

From the Guardian:

Mindfulness books for children as young as two are the latest runaway publishing trend, the industry has said, with children themselves calling for more titles to help them make sense of their emotions.

Publishers including Magic Cat Publishing are reporting that sales of books for children under 10 years old that address emotions and mental health issues are up almost 40% year on year since 2021.

These titles now account for a quarter of Magic Cat’s publishing list, said Kate Manning, its marketing and publicity director. The success has encouraged the publisher to expand the genre: it will shortly announce a new list of titles for children over 10 years old.

“It’s very much a conscious decision in response to various recent reports on how Covid, climate change and now the cost of living have affected children directly and one that has developed over time to become the core of our publishing,” she said.

Manning also pointed to the Ofsted annual report, which found the social and emotional needs of even the very youngest children had been negatively affected by the pandemic. The report also says this generation is at greater risk of mental health challenges than older age groups.

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