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Friday, November 25, 2022

Formula That Makes Marriage Succeed

From CNBC:

In their recently released book “The Love Prescription: 7 Days to More Intimacy, Connection, and Joy” [John and Julie Gottman] synthesize years-worth of data into a plan that can heal a teetering relationship or help maintain a thriving one. 

“What we’ve discovered is that there are universal factors that make or break a relationship, that predict whether a couple will stay together happily, or not,” they write. 

During one of their biggest longitudinal studies, they discovered that there is one math equation which “makes you or breaks you” in a marriage: The ratio of positive to negative interactions during a conflict needs to be five to one. 

“We watched couples, logged the data, then released them back into the wild,” they write. “Six years later we followed up. And lo and behold: it was the couples who had maintained at least a five-to-one ratio (or more!) during conflict who were still happily together, still feeling the love.” 

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