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Monday, October 3, 2022

Inflation Delaying Divorce

From AP:

Divorce rates are dropping as inflation rates rise. Does that mean rising inflation is increasing marital bliss? Probably not. A recent Insight from that relies on data from its Divorce Index™ indicates that today’s economy—with inflation spurring rising costs across the board—is likely driving the divorce rate down.

“We analyzed how the recent spike in inflation affected divorce interest, leaning on data from our Divorce Index,” said Chief of Divorce Evolution Laura Wasser, who is known for her acclaim as a divorce lawyer-to-the-stars but who has also dedicated the last decade-plus of her life to helping real people divorce faster and with less cost, conflict, and uncertainty. “When money gets tight, even listless relationships are less likely to end,” said Wasser. “Bottom line? Many Americans simply can’t afford to call it quits.”

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