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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Increase of Divorce Coaching

From BBC:

The rise of divorce coaching is a telling insight into how people are becoming increasingly willing to invest in order to make the process of ending a marriage as straightforward as possible.

With millennials often being described as the “therapy generation” – a cohort who have fewer reservations about seeking professional help and attach less stigma to mental-health support – it’s hardly surprising that, as millennials marry and sometimes subsequently separate, divorce coaching is becoming increasingly normalised.

“As divorce rates increased, divorce has become normalised,” says Yasmine Saad, a clinical psychologist and founder of Madison Park Psychological Services in New York City. “We have become more and more comfortable with seeking expertise. It is no longer seen as a flaw of character, or a failure in one’s own life to divorce, which then normalised the use of experts to get help. It’s like wanting financial advice before investing your money. In this case, it’s seeking legal, emotional and practical advice before transitioning to another way of life.”

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