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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Ohio Court Recognizes Telephonic Marriage Ceremony of Two Bangladesh Citizens

From reason:

In Momotaz v. Sattar, the Ohio Court of Appeals found that trial court did not err in finding the marriage conducted in a telephonic marriage ceremony between two Bangladesh citizens under Bangladesh Sharia Law was valid. 

Husband and wife are both Bangladesh citizens. At the time of marriage ceremony. husband resided in the United States and wife resided in Bangladesh. Mr. Ahmed identified himself as an assistant marriage registrar also presented in Bangladesh to solemnize the marriage.

The marriage lasted until 2021 when the marriage broke down. The husband took the view that the marriage was invalid from the outset, arguing that various procedural rules required by Bangladesh law were not complied with. The court determined that the parties' marriage was valid under Bangladesh law. More specifically, the court found that the parties agreed the marriage met the essentials of a valid Mohammedan and Bangladeshi marriage and that the alleged invalidity of the registration does not render the marriage invalid.

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