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Friday, August 19, 2022

Modern Parenting Plans

From Divorce Magazine:

Times change, and so do habits and values. In 2022, modern parenting issues would include new considerations.

Birdnesting is a new terminology describing the situation when parents move back and forth. In separation or divorce, parents may end up living in different towns. Accordingly, birdnesting is a useful strategy when parents would let the child stay in one place allows them to more easily keep up with school and friends. This strategy is great for reducing their stress by minimizing the disruption to life.

Some children eventually ask their parents to change the way they perceive and treat them as a boy or girl. A son may want to be referred to as a daughter, or a daughter may want to be referred to as a son. The child may describe themselves with words like transgender or nonbinary in addition to, or instead of, boy or girl. It is also possible for doctors to delay hormonal puberty, giving a child extra time to choose their next steps. A child’s physical development today will contribute to how others perceive and assume their physical sex later in life. 

Since the appearance of covid in 2020, caution about infection has always been part of the family routine for people with certain illnesses and disabilities, but, for most people, covid safety has required new learning and adaptation. This is a major preoccupation for modern parenting.

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