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Sunday, August 28, 2022

Millennial Marriage

From 93.1 FM WIBC:

The millennial generation is now America’s largest, numbering 72.1 million according to 2019 Census Bureau data. Between the ages of  26 to 41,  millennials’ tendencies have changed from those of earlier generations. states only 44% of millennials are married and millennials have continued a trend of delaying marriage. The median age of a first marriage currently sits at 30.4 for men and 28.6 for women. Millennials are also more likely than previous generations to live with a partner or have children outside of marriage.

The most educated millennials are the most likely to be married: 51.5% of millennials with a bachelor’s degree or higher and 46.9% with an associate’s degree are married, while those who haven’t completed a college degree are married less than 40% of the time.

With a host of factors correlating to millennials’ marital status, marriage rates for the generation vary by geography. Researchers ranked metros by the share of millennials who are married.

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