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Monday, August 22, 2022

Joint Digital Accounts Like Phone Plans and Amazon

From The Washington Post:

In some ways, creating joint accounts feels vulnerable, like erasing your own digital footprint, said Megan Fritts Cabrera, an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. So much could go wrong: death, divorce, weird joint social media accounts. It’s a classic “prisoner’s dilemma,” she said.

That may be especially true of accounts that come with contracts, like cell plans. Some accounts, like streaming services, don’t come with scary multiyear contracts. But combining them comes with risks nonetheless.

As in all marital conflicts, opinions on cell plans and streaming accounts say something deeper, a marriage therapist said. If one partner insists on having an accessible list of family passwords, that might speak to their need for security. If the other wants separate Amazon accounts, that might be because they value privacy. When conflict arises, brainstorm how you can meet each other’s foundational needs and support each other’s visions of a happy relationship, he advised.

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