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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Idaho Brings in Legal Teams to Defend Anti-Abortion Law


When the Idaho Supreme Court hears arguments Wednesday on challenges to far-reaching anti-abortion laws, two separate sets of lawyers will argue the state’s side. That’s because the Idaho Legislature filed to intervene in all three lawsuits challenging three separate anti-abortion laws passed in the past three years, and retained Nampa attorney Daniel Bower and Las Vegas attorney Monte Neil Stewart to argue specifically on the Legislature’s behalf. And lawmakers this year passed a new law to let either or both houses of the Legislature intervene in lawsuits challenging Idaho laws whenever they choose to do so.

The Idaho Attorney General’s office already is representing the state of Idaho in the abortion litigation, and its team has filed extensive briefing in the cases. It’ll also be at the high court making arguments on Wednesday. 

Planned Parenthood also filed a third lawsuit last week, targeting a 2021 anti-abortion law, but as of late afternoon Monday, the court hadn’t yet ruled on whether it’ll also be addressed in Wednesday’s arguments. Planned Parenthood, the state, and the Legislature all have submitted briefing on the court’s three questions, with much of it focusing on who will be harmed most if the laws are stayed or go right into effect.

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