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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Child Support Obligation Affects Hunting and Fishing Privilege in Utah


Utah is seeing a surge in child support payments over the past year, a change that state officials credit in part to a new state law that withholds hunting and fishing licenses to people who fall significantly behind on payments.

The law blocks anyone from obtaining a hunting or fishing license if they are past due more than $2,500 in child support for a year.

“A lot of people talk about sending people to jail or prison instantly when they hear non-collection of child support, non-payment of child support. But in reality, if they’re going to prison or jail, they’re not working, so that’s not helping solve the problem,” said Utah Office of Recovery Services (ORS) director Liesa Stockdale, whose agency manages child support in the state. Stockdale encouraged to think about “creative incentives” that are important to the people who owe child support but that wouldn’t impact their ability to support their children.

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