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Sunday, July 31, 2022

In Manila, Lawyers May Get in Trouble for False Promising Annulment of Marriage

From ABS-CBN News:

MANILA — The Supreme Court said on Wednesday it disbarred a lawyer who violated his oath and the Code of Professional Responsibility when he promised his client an annulment of marriage ruling in 2 months and failed to return the money paid for it.

A lawyer took a case from his client for the legal service of marriage annulment. The lawyer guaranteed a favorable judgment in two months, and the payment rendered to him was for the promised judgment. However, the lawyer knew from the start that a judgment would not be promulgated within two months of commencement. 

The Court held that the offense was consummated when the lawyer accepted an engagement and further compounded by his failure to return the amount paid to him for obtaining a favorable judgment. The lawyer has been disbarred.

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