Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Case of Former Director of Child Protection

From CBC.ca:

Prince Edward Island's former director of child protection comes under "substantial criticism" in a landmark Supreme Court of Canada child custody ruling involving a boy now living in southern Alberta, says a law professor familiar with the case. 

"In this case, the director removed the child from the maternal grandmother and sent the child to the natural father who had not much — well, no relationship with the child at first — and they plainly put their thumb on the scales in favour of the natural father and against the maternal grandmother."

The Supreme Court of Canada justices were highly critical of that action, among others. 

The ruling says the boy "left his grandmother's home for camp like normal, but he was apprehended by the director who has never allowed him to return. The director instead chose to place [the child] with foster parents, who were strangers to him." 

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