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Thursday, May 12, 2022

A Very British Scandal

From Yahoo! News:

As much as Claire Foy may have wished for a different ending, the Duchess of Argyll was always going to lose.

Instead, “A Very British Scandal,” which premiered last week on Amazon Prime Video, hurtles toward an inevitable conclusion, with Margaret Campbell left a ruined woman after a brutal divorce that played out in the public eye. The duke and duchess’ 1963 split was a tabloid legend, filled with sordid details of adultery, forgery and an infamous photo of Margaret on her knees performing oral sex, with the man’s face just off camera.

“It’s less slut-shaming and more the weaponizing of a woman’s sexuality, which is the oldest trick in the book of bringing a woman down or criticizing her,” Foy, who plays Margaret, told the Daily News.

“It’s so easy, as a shortcut, to demonize a woman, to say her sexuality was wrong, to say the way she expressed herself was wrong. Her husband was also having affairs and so were everybody in the aristocracy. He used her sexuality as a way of making her seem like he was the wronged party, when in reality she wasn’t doing anything particularly wrong.”

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