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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Child Vaccination Battle is a Type of Custody Battles

From The Wall Street Journal:

Child vaccination battle is a type of custody battle between divorced parents now. A father's ex-wife took him to court because he refused to grant her permission to vaccinate their 11-year-old child. The father is vaccinated and he is worried about the risk of their child getting the shot. 

This is not the only case. After the Food and Drug Administration approved vaccinations for minors last year, many divorced parents have taken this similar matter to courts. Conflicts are mainly from disagreements over the effectiveness of vaccines and resistance to government mandates increase in general.

Disagreement over child vaccination is not only appearing in the U.S. Courts in other countries, such as Canada, also face this problem. The best interest of the child is still the determinative factor in reaching the decision on this matter.

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