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Friday, January 28, 2022

Covid Pushed Relationships to Breaking Point

From CNBC:

Couples fight over the decision of child vaccination since the outbreak of COVID-19. Recently, lawyers and psychologists have found that the very existence of COVID and the new variants have impacted adversely on relationships. The emotional impact from the new COVID lifestyle is the catalyst for relationship breakdown.

While many families have enjoyed spending more time together during the pandemic, there are some relationships that have failed to thrive during a period of unprecedented upheavals and uncertainties.

COVID has caused wrangling over children. For example, child vaccination; whether child should attend homeschool or public school; and couples' differing opinions over other issues. The very existence of COVID is another source of conflict among the couples. COVID denial is one big source. For instance, one person is fully aware of COVID's existence while the other is not. Consequently, couples must face the challenge of living together but constantly arguing over which lifestyle should they lead.

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