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Monday, November 15, 2021

Ohio: Amending Prenups Might Be Possible For Married Couples

From WKSU News:

Ohio, among few other states, prohibits married couples to enter into legally binding private contracts with each other after marriage.

A bill to change that is moving forward in the Ohio Senate, and supporters say the proposed law would also create more flexibility for prenuptial agreements.

The bill, SB210, would make postnuptial contracts legally binding while also allowing couples to amend prenuptial agreements. This is important for married couples in Ohio as the majority of states nationwide would allow postnupital contracts amendment. Many things can change before and after marriage. Additionally, there are many variables among marriage. Tax issues, property distribution, or even responsibilities between the couple. Having a long-term happy and peaceful marriage is one big goal for married people nowadays. While people are generally free to consider divorce, prenups and postnupital contracts still have binding power and may promote the longevity of marriage.

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