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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Many Children Are Released From Detention During COVID


Detention of children has been difficult when there is an increasing risk of contacting COVID in confined and overcrowded spaces. Immediate released of children from detention is demanded. Since April 2020, at lease 84 countries have released thousands of children from detention.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of children are deprived of their liberty according to the reports released ahead of the World Congress on Justice with Children. UNICEF Executive Director promotes the child friendly justice solutions. 

Children in detention – including in pre- and post-trial custody, immigration detention, held in relation to armed conflict or national security, or living with parents in detention – are often held in confined and overcrowded spaces. They lack adequate access to nutrition, healthcare and hygiene services, and are vulnerable to neglect, physical and psychological abuse, and gender-based violence. Many are denied access to lawyers and family care, and unable to challenge the legality of their detention.

Since COVID has profoundly affected justice for children, child friendly justice can be a possible way to help resolving the issues.

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