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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Oregon: State Program Provides Free And Optional Resource To Help Families With Newborns

From KTVZ:

Oregon is launching the program called Family Connects Oregon in Central Oregon that will take families of newborns and connect them with registered nurses in each county's health department. The purpose of the program is to help families overcoming the challenges.

The pandemic has influenced the program's rollout and virtual meetings are being implemented now. Though in-person ones are preferred, the program has conducted Zoom meetings effectively. The program covers pregnant women as well as people who are adopting, or looking to become foster parents.

Family Connects Oregon, which launched in February 2020 following the passage of Senate Bill 526, provides voluntary, universally offered nurse home visiting services to all families with newborns living in the state, no matter their income, location or insurance status. Oregon is the first in the country to offer these services statewide and require private insurance providers to pay for them.

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