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Monday, July 26, 2021

Iowa: Informal Trials Help Speeding Up Family Issues

From The Gazette:

Trials for family law issues can be lengthy and complicated. However, Iowa speeds up family law trials by adopting informal trials. Accordingly, it will not only save time but also cost concerns.

The Informal Family Law Trial program was “born out of necessity” because more people are representing themselves in family law cases, said 6th Judicial District Judge Fae Hoover, who regularly helps pro se litigants — parties representing themselves — maneuver their way through the sometimes complicated court system rules and procedures. The process has less formal rules than a traditional trial, which still is available to those with attorneys.

One of the big benefits of choosing the informal trial option is that each person can speak directly to the judge, and no one has to worry about formal rules that in a traditional trial can limit what a person can say, Hoover said. Other benefits are time and money.

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