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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Child Care Workforce is Facing Demand Shift

From Bloomberg Law:

"From what I’m hearing from directors, staffing is challenge A, B, C, and D,” says Elliot Haspel, a child care policy expert and author of Crawling Behind: America’s Child Care Crisis and How to Fix It. “Child care was already having issues before with staffing, and this will make it so much worse. This means parents will have less options, and some programs will have a budgetary death spiral. It’s truly an existential crisis.”

Conversations with experts and analysis of child care requests across the U.S. suggest that finding qualified workers is a significant challenge, right as school gets out for the summer and more parents begin returning to the office.

Part of the problem comes from a dramatic demand shift. Expert found a striking disparity between suburban and urban locations.

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